Character Creating

When writing a story it's not just as simple as sitting down and starting to type. As much as I wish that it could be. How much simpler life would be! There are many things that need to be addressed when planning out your story, whether its a full novel or a short piece, you … Continue reading Character Creating

Cigarette PIMP

This sums up my struggle over the years better than anything. Three weeks smoke free now and I ain’t going back

Stuff Inside My Head

by Lena Arnold Posted 1/14/2019/(C) 2007

nicotine_cigaretteImage Courtesy of Truth Inside:


You though I was a punk!

You thought you could just

Pick me up


Put me down

Anytime you felt like it


I got my hooks in you,

Make you look like a fool

Make you jump through my hoops

Do what I tell you too.

If I say smoke

You do!

Boy I thought you knew!


You thought Crack was king!

Please Crack, Meth, Opiods ain’t got nothin’ on me

I’m the big P-I-M-P!

I kill more people in a day

Than they do in a year!

I destroy way more than alcohol.

I hook way more people than beer.


I’m the one who made that virgin a whore.

I don’t beat on ya

I’m not a gorilla

mr._butts_(doonesbury)Mr. Butts created by Garry Trudeau for the comic strip Doonesbury

I ain’t…

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